Long aquariums provide wide panoramic views and allow for longer aquascape layouts due to the generous amount of horizontal ground provided. Their elongated structure calls for elevated creativity and innovation. Nano schooling fish such as Tetras and Rasboras are ideal as they prefer plenty of horizontal swimming space to explore. Like the others, our long aquariums are clean, sleek and are a unique way to introduce a nature aquarium into any space.

VOLUME RANGE: 6 – 21 Gallons

Model Profile Dimensions (CM) Glass Thickness (MM) Volume (L)
60L Long 60 x 20 x 20 5 22
90B Long 90 x 20 x 25 6 45
90L Long 90 x 30 x 30 8 80

Optional Includes

NOTE: Black leveling mat included with all Aquariums

Aquariums Glass Lids and Clear Clips
Glass lids are the perfect addition to your sapphire glass aquarium tank. They are great for minimizing water evaporation and keeping even the most skittish fish, safe – all without compromising the clean aesthetic of a rimless planted tank. Crafted with precision, they fit any aquarium tank while ensuring proper room for essential equipment.

Aquarium Screen Vinyl
Screen vinyl screen sheet to be attached on the back side of the Aquarium. As the screen is slightly translucent it creates an even and natural look. This way, plants and animals stand out perfectly. The screen is available in different sizes, fitting for various dimensions of the aquarium.





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30 P, 45 P, 60 P, 90 P


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