The most common aquarium sizes fall under the standard category. These consist of aquarium tanks ranging in sizes from 30 litres to 350 litres and up. These tanks offer a large amount of room for creating larger than life aquascape layouts. Common fauna choices are large schools of nano fish, smaller Cichlids, Gouramis, Angelfish, Discus and other medium-sized tank inhabitants. Slightly on the larger size, they are a great canvas for unique nature aquariums.

MODEL VARIANTS: 45P, 60P, 75P, 90P, 120P, 180P
VOLUME RANGE: 30 – 60 Litres

Model Profile Dimensions (CM) Glass Thickness (MM) Volume (L)
45P Standard 45 x 28 x 28 5 30
60P Standard 60 x 36 x 36 6 60
75P Standard 75 x 45 x 45 8 90
90P Standard 90 x 45 x 45 10 166
120P Standard 120 x 50 x 50 12 219
180P Standard 180 x 60 x 60 15 590

Optional Includes

NOTE: Black leveling mat included with all Aquariums

Aquariums Glass Lids and Clear Clips
Glass lids are the perfect addition to your sapphire glass aquarium tank. They are great for minimizing water evaporation and keeping even the most skittish fish, safe – all without compromising the clean aesthetic of a rimless planted tank. Crafted with precision, they fit any aquarium tank while ensuring proper room for essential equipment.

Aquarium Screen Vinyl
Screen vinyl screen sheet to be attached on the back side of the Aquarium. As the screen is slightly translucent it creates an even and natural look. This way, plants and animals stand out perfectly. The screen is available in different sizes, fitting for various dimensions of the aquarium.





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30 P, 45 P, 60 P, 90 P


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